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Veterinary Office in Sandusky and Marlette, MI

Why We Love to Serve You

The first step to having a healthy pet is taking your fur baby to a veterinarian you can trust. At Town And Country Animal Care in Sandusky, MI, we care about helping you maintain your pet’s health through a variety of vet services.

The staff members at our veterinary office are trained to help your pet stay healthy through preventative treatments. The most common service is vaccinations that protect your furry companion from diseases such as rabies.

We also offer teeth cleanings. If your pet has never had a teeth cleaning, we recommend you schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. Much like humans, your pet can have tartar buildup that can cause gingivitis and periodontal gum disease if left untreated. 


● Teeth Cleaning ● Vaccines ● Heartworm Prevention ● Parasite Prevention

● Spay and Neuter ● Farm Calls ● Small and Large Animals ● Euthanasia

Keeping Your Pets Healthy!

In addition, we provide affordable spays and neuters, as well as medication for parasite prevention that kills fleas, hookworms, heartworms, and other parasites that commonly infect pets. We treat various health problems, injuries, and sicknesses, providing the comprehensive care your pet needs regardless of their ailment.

Find a veterinarian you can rely on. Call the experts at Town And Country Animal Care in Sanilac County to schedule an appointment with our professionals today.