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Veterinarian in Sandusky and Marlette, MI

About Us

At Town And Country Animal Care in Sandusky, MI, we treat your furry companion as our own by providing superior care when your pet needs us most. Our team of expert veterinarians aims to provide your four-legged friend the vet services needed to maintain good health and prevent future problems from occurring.

Our compassionate staff members are trained to work with a variety of animals beyond cats and dogs. Being located in a farming community means we have other animals to care for too. We offer home visits where we provide vet services for farm animals who may be too big or too sick to transport to the veterinary office.

We believe in providing outstanding pet care without overcharging you for vet services. Other veterinarians in the area can’t compete with our rates, nor can they match the quality of the care we provide for your fur baby.

Why Choose Us?

Preventative Care

We believe that prevention is the best form of treatment, so we prioritize preventative care at our veterinary office. Bring your pet in for regular physicals and vaccines to ensure they stay healthy.

Farm Visits

We have vet services for farm animals, too. Transporting these large animals can sometimes seem impossible, so we will come for you instead!


Expert veterinary care shouldn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We charge competitive rates so your pet can receive the care needed without breaking your budget.